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When did you eat?

What did you order?

How was your service?

How was the food?

Any other comments.


"Why was the submission form taken off?"
Various customers mentioned that it seemed like too much work. This way they can send an email and answer the questions if they choose to.


A Recent Piece of Feedback -

When did you eat?  I had the pleasure of eating at the Pink Poodle way back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  I was serving in the AF and came through Omaha for training before heading to Alaska .  In the following couple of years I made sure a trip to the ‘poodle’ was on the agenda whenever I made it back in to Offutt AFB.  To this day your Prime Rib is the best I’ve had!!

What did you order?  Prime Rib—so big it flopped over the ends of the plate!

How was your service? Great and friendly

How was the food? The Best!

Any other comments:  Yall aint much to look at…at least 20 year ago!  But the best damn prime rib I ever did taste!  Smack yo’ momma good…


Timothy Keister, MSGT (ret)
Fort Valley Georgia