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The Daily Nonpareil ( New! )
An article in a local newspaper about the Pink Poodle.

MBJ Publications
A Bit Concerning Pink Poodle's History. The top paragraph speaks a bit about the Pink Poodle.

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IAGenWeb (a page full of geneology related info)
On January 8, 1978, ninety-five members of my family attended a surprise birthday celebration held at the Pink Poodle Restaurant in Crescent, Iowa, in honor of my 84th birthday.

Later on on that page...

Clifford and I also ran a restaurant in Crescent, Iowa that later became the Pink Poodle.

Posted here on AOL City Guide.com
From Kmf603 on Friday March 14, 2003 at 12:26 AM:

Pink Poodle Steak House in Crescent, IA Just off I-29 they have the best prime rib in the tri state area.