:: Reservations ::

Please call 712-545-3744 to make reservations.


We request that if you have an event which involves a large group of people that you call and make reservations to guarantee prompt and smooth seating. We would also like to inform you of certain days of the year which the only way we may serve you is if you make reservations ahead of time.

We would like to note that it has been quite busy on Saturdays lately. This is a day of the week we suggest making reservations for.


Concerning Holidays:

On certain days of the year, we may only serve you if you first make reservations; below is a list of those specific days.

New Year's Eve
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day

One day of the year we do not require you to make reservations on, but do strongly suggest it is Father's Day. For more information on hours and days we are open, visit the Hours Page.


Some Helpful Advice:

If there is a day on which you plan to eat at the Pink Poodle that you think might be an extremely busy day for either us or yourself, it would be better to simply make a reservation to ensure seating ahead of time!

Thank you sincerely for your interest in making reservations. We have always honored reservations and look forward to taking care of our guests well into the future.